Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall With the P's

Since this was the first year Paxton has really been into Halloween and all its related activities, we tried to jam all of the festive fun we could into October. 
The weekend before Halloween, we went to a Trunk or Treat at the church by our house. Paxton was so excited to put his Mickey costume on and get candy. 
He walked up to a random guy eating a sucker and said "what are you eating?" The guy answered him and Paxton said "Can I have one?" It was funny because the guy had ready given him his candy...and he reached in the bowl and got Paxton a sucker. 
They both had a blast and everyone thought Porter's costume was the cutest thing they had ever seen. 

The day before Halloween, we had a play date at Ganyard Farms, the pumpkin patch by our house. Somehow they were out of pumpkins...but fortunately they had lots of other activities to keep the boys busy. 

Their favorite part was the corn pit. 
There was a slide that went into the corn that Paxton loved and the second time we went to the corn pit, Porter attempted to try it too and wound up with a busted lip. Luckily one of the moms was a doctor and she wiped away the excessive blood and found the actual cut. She watched it for awhile until it started to clot and told me that as long as it continued to clot he wouldn't need stitches. I was so glad to have her there because there was a lot of blood!

The goats were Porter's favorites. He kept telling them "hello". 
Then we hopped on the hay ride. The boys both loved it and say down nicely and looked around. 
Paxton said "it's a beautiful day!" And he was right!
Since the pumpkin patch was out of pumpkins, we had to do a last minute pumpkin hunt. Obviously all of the stores we tried were out...we finally ended up finding two tiny ones at a health food store. The boys had a blast paining and glittering them and sticking eyes on them. 

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