Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Break

I think we took full advantage of our first official school vacation. Thursday morning, we took it easy. We watched a show in bed and ate breakfast when we were ready. Then we got ready to go to Moore for a play date with the Taylor's! Paxton and Addi Claire play so nicely together and Ellie and Porter just run around and drag stuff out. It's always nice to hang out with them. 

On our way home, Jared called and said he was leaving Norman and had a few minutes to meet for lunch. Since we were so close, we met up with him for lunch (the boys' second lunch) at Old School Bagel. While we were in Norman, I had to swing by Classic's and get a Diet Coke with Gummy Bears. Paxton picked a purple slush and Porter picked a chocolate milkshake and Jared thought I was crazy when I suggested it, but he ended up loving his Coke with Sour Patch Kids. Porter was finished with his shake by the time we dropped Jared back off at his car and both boys were asleep 15 minutes into the car ride home. I completed a successful car nap to house nap transfer on both boys which is totally unheard of and I had some very rare time to myself! 

Paxton was up after 45 minutes and got some kitty snuggles. 
It was so nice outside, so we headed out. Porter gave Cereal a ride in the truck and Jared came home! We grilled out and ate dinner outside. 
Friday morning, the boys slept in a little and we had another lazy morning. We got ready in time to meet Jared for our weekly lunch downtown. Porter wanted to sit by Daddy and it was adorable. 
Friday night means pizza and a movie and since it's October, we're trying Halloween movies. The boys like to watch movies that they've watched 100 times already so Nightmare Before Christmas didn't last long. 

Saturday morning, we told Paxton we were getting ready for breakfast and he requested Johnnie's. Can't argue with that. 
We stopped at Hobby Lobby to "look at scarecrows" and shop for more Halloween decorations. The boys were super excited to see Christmas stuff. 
Porter had been asking to go to the park for a few days, and it is much easier to tackle that with two parents, so Saturday morning was perfect. We tried a new park that Porter and I found duringPaxton's  school one day and we loved it. 
The boys played for over an hour and then noticed that there was a creek with a walking trail and quickly demanded a walk. 
I don't think they ever were going to be ready to leave, but it was definitely lunch time and getting close to OU kickoff so we bribed them with stickers and riding bikes at home. 

After naps, Porter and I ran to Aldi to get ingredients for Smores while Jared and Paxton watched football in the backyard and played. 
After dinner, Jared started a fire in the fire pit and we made Smores. 
Sunday morning, it was the perfect day for the Omniplex. We had a late breakfast and a late start and planned on only staying for about an hour and then getting some lunch. The boys had other plans. They ran around and played for 2.5 hours and were still not slowing down. Finally, Porter started crying over ridiculous things and we knew nap time was getting close. 
We stopped at McDonald's on the way home and then took an exhausted Porter home for a nap. 

We had a relaxing evening and Jared and Pax ran to the grocery store together while Porter and I watched a movie. We had dinner and put our tired boys to bed. 

This morning, Paxton said he just wanted to play all day and since Brooks was here, I thought that sounded perfect. Grammy brought us donuts and the boys have been eating and playing all day.  

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