Friday, July 6, 2012

The Fourth!

We started our Fourth with an early wake up and a trip to Dunkin Donuts. We have tried to start some kind of breakfast tradition but have a hard time getting up early enough to do something special and make it to the parade on time on a holiday.

It was fun to eat donuts on the blanket while we waited for the parade to start. We had left my car along the parade route again this year since that worked so well last year. We just walked up, opened the back and spread out a blanket and we had shade and our own spot with a great view.

Paxton was not interested in the parade at all (which kind of surprised us since he loooooves watching cars go by at home), he preferred throwing his toys out of the car and climbing on us. Finally towards the end he got super fussy so we let him walk around the parking lot. He loved that but kept trying to take off and join the parade. It is getting really difficult to keep him confined.

After the parade we went home and let Paxton take a short nap. Then we headed to Granny's for the traditional cookout. After we ate and played for a little while, we went back home for another nap.

We went to my mom's house for a second cookout. Aunt Teighynne brought blackberries so Pax tried those for the first time. He loved them!

After dinner, we went towards UCO to find a good spot for the fireworks. We found some good grass for our blanket and were able to meet up with Jared's family and my family which was perfect. It was way past Paxton's bedtime by then, but he was doing pretty well. Uncle Josh tried to play with him and accidentally knocked him over and Paxton lost it for a few minutes.

He calmed down and pretty soon after that the fireworks started. He watched a few of them:

...but mostly wanted to walk around and see everybody. We kept him contained with some snacks and were mostly just glad he wasn't scared. We were pretty close to them, and some were really loud but he didn't even flinch. He climbed back on my lap to watch the finale, and then we headed home.

We had a great day spending time with our families and being thankful for our freedom.

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  1. I love his little boy shorts!! And I'm glad he did well despite his squirminess. Although I personally think you should have let him join the parade- He would have been a hit :)