Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Developments

It seems like Paxton has grown up so much lately. I definitely see more toddler than baby in him now. In the past few days he just seems so much bigger to me!
Here are a few of the new things he's doing:
-responding to some commands (on his terms), like when I tell him to sit down in the tub, he will. Or if he's crawling and I tell him to stand up and walk, he will.
-bringing me books all the time. He has a few favorites that he will bring me and just ask me to read over and over. He knows to sit in my lap as soon as he hands me a book. Then at the end he demands "again" every time.

-throwing fits if he doesn't get what he wants immediately. This has happened a lot lately when I won't read to him.

-picking up his toys. He will do this if I demonstrate and sometimes on his own. Of course he always dumps them out immediately afterwards.

-wants to walk on his own. He will tolerate being carried for very brief periods. When he's done, he will do everything he can to get down.

-he finally learned to drink from his straw cup. He still won't work hard enough to drink from regular cups with straws, but as least he's making progress.

-climbed onto the door of the dishwasher last night. I was surprised it took him this long to start climbing because he's in to everything. Right after I got him down, I found his sippy cup in the toilet. I guess he really is a toddler boy now.

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  1. I love his comb over in the tantrum pic, and I also love that he plays in the toilet. Still. Hiarious!