Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Lake Weekend

This weekend, we went to the lake again. This time we met Jared's dad and brother there.

On the way to the lake, we stopped at Moe's. It was Paxton's first visit so we had to document it.

We also had to stop by Daddy's work to drop off a baby shower present. Paxton had fun running around freely and playing on the cool yellow couch.

And he felt so big walking to the car by himself.

We started our morning with a trip to the breakfast buffet like always. Paxton kept us there long after we were finished eating...he eats so much there.

After he had a short nap, we went out on the lake.

He tried a piece of Oreo for the first time. He liked it, but spit it out at first.

And he really wanted to drive the boat.

He took a short nap on the boat again. I love those boat naps where he falls asleep in my arms while the wind blows his hair.

It was a fun weekend!

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  1. Ahhh Moe's!! Did he love it as much as we do? And the pic of him and daddy walking to the car... Adorable. He is such a big boy!