Friday, July 20, 2012

Stay This Little

It seems like Paxton is growing up so fast right now...I feel like every time I post he has started doing something cool.

He has started bringing us these sunglasses to put on him over and over. He makes this cheesy face and then takes them off, hands them to us and wants us to put them back on him.

I thought he looked huge playing with these blocks at the dealership on Tuesday night while he waited for Daddy to buy his new car.

We got him this shopping cart and he likes to load it full of the most random things. I thought it was sweet that he was sharing his juice with his baby. Hopefully we'll raise him to be a good daddy.

He has about five books in his current rotation that he wants me to read him over and over. He hardly ever brings them to Jared to read...always me and then at the end he always says "again!" Is it terrible of sometimes I hide them from him so I don't have to read them for the 95th time?

I just saw this picture on Jared's phone and had to share:

It was when I was in Ada for my mom's surgery. I was sad that I didn't get to see him when he woke up so Jared Face Timed with me. Paxton was smiling and kissing the screen. He melted my mommy heart.

He has learned to pick up his toys and then immediately dump them back out.

We've been trying to stay cool by staying in the air conditioner and wearing less clothing:

Paxton mastered climbing into the dishwasher and "helping" me unload it.

And I just thought this new cheesy smile was too cute not to share. When did he get this big?

Daddy brought Pax home this cute Florida Sock Monkey from his latest work trip to Tallahassee. Paxton has been carrying it around everywhere which I think is precious.

And we picked up the contract to buy our house today! We are so excited to start the process of buying our first house and it is perfect that it's the house we brought Paxton home from the hospital to. He learned to crawl here, had his first Christmas and birthday party and learned to walk here. I love that those memories are already here as we start this process.

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