Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Zoo and a Check-up

Yesterday, Paxton and I hit the zoo with Granny V and Aunt Maddy. After a little incident involving getting lost and visiting the Capitol, we made it to the parking lot. Paxton was ready for some stroller time and a little snack.

We found the kid's area first and tried the petting zoo. Paxton thought the goats were doggies and despite warnings to only pet their backs, went right for their faces.

Granny V showed him how to do it the right way:

Pax and Aunt Maddy took a picture with the zoo sign:

And we got to ride the train! The zoo is so big and spread out that the train seems like the best way to see the animals. I thought Pax looked so big (and sweaty) sitting by himself on the train:

He liked it! And he disobeyed all the "don't feed the animal" signs and tossed out several goldfish.

I'm sure this won't be Paxton's last picture sitting on this elephant:

Pax and Granny V:

Both kids were ready to leave at the same time, which worked out perfectly. We wrapped the trip up with a carousel ride.

Sitting on an otter with Granny V:

On the carousel with Mommy and Aunt Maddy:

Mommy and Pax:

We had a really fun time and were glad Granny V and Maddy went with us! Paxton and Maddy are quite a pair...he just loves her, he watches her constantly and thinks she's hilarious. They were sitting in the back seat together on the way to the zoo and Paxton threw one of his toys down. I don't know if it hit Maddy or was just close, but she wasn't happy. Granny V was trying to calm her down and told her, "it's ok, he didn't mean to" and Paxton immediately said "I did!!!". We were both cracking up. His timing was perfect and out of all the things he can babble, that's the one he picked.

Today, Paxton had his 15 month check-up. Dr. Campbell said he looked great and is developing right on schedule! He weighs 26 pounds and 6 ounces and was 32 inches long/tall. This put him in the 75th percentile for height and weight. His head was between the 50th and 75th percentile.

I have taken his picture at each of his check-ups and I was looking back through all of them today. This was something that started randomly (because I took pictures of him everywhere--and still do) but that I intentionally continued, and I'm so glad I did! It's neat to see how much he changes in just three months.

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