Sunday, July 22, 2012


This month has definitely been the transitional month from baby to toddler. I know he was officially a toddler at his first birthday, but this was the month that he became a toddler in my eyes. I'm not sure if it was the walking, the strong will he has developed, or his newfound communication skills...probably a combination at all three...but he's definitely all toddler now.

Here is what Paxton is up to this month:
-Walking full-time. For a little while he would walk pretty much everywhere, but would still crawl when we would chase him down the hall (his favorite game). I guess he thought it was faster. In the last two weeks, he has started walking quickly when we chase him. He has also started walking backwards and trying to run. He is a little clumsy when he tries to go really fast, but he has only been walking for a little over a month now.

-Pointing out things he wants and saying "unt dis" (I want this) all the time. He points with his whole hand.

-Understanding lots of sentences. Lately if we ask him if he's hungry or of he wants a banana he will walk to his high chair. He will also walk to it on his own when he's ready to eat. He goes to the closed bathroom door and waits outside it for us when we ask him if he wants a bath. He follows me into his room when I say "let's go get a new diaper". He will walk to the garage door and try to open when we tell him we're going bye bye. He comes and sits in my lap on his own when I say "let's get your shoes on!" He has also started responding better to no. He will usually stop what he's doing.

-Definitely starting to exhibit a temper when he doesn't get his way. He hates being in shopping carts or his stroller for too long so we have been letting him walk when he starts getting fussy if we're both there. When we pick him up to redirect him or to leave, he throws a fit!!! He throws his head back and screams. It is definitely embarrassing but I just tell myself that every parent has been where we are. It's not a big deal.

-Still transitioning to one nap a day. Sometimes he would get sleepy around 11 (his normal nap time) and we would put him down. He would end up sleeping about three hours, right through lunch and wouldn't go down for an afternoon nap. 1:00-9:00 was a little too long for him to be up, so we found a new system. We usually just distract him with fun toys or reading until about noon when we feed him lunch and then put him down. He will usually take his three hour nap really well at that time and is good to go until bedtime. Sometimes he is a little fussier and will still go down for about an hour at 11:00 and then maybe two hours around 3:00 or 4:00. We are happy to let him take this transition as slowly as he needs to. I'm not in a rush to go to one nap.

-Seems a lot taller lately but since it's summer and he's in shorts, not pants, he hasn't gone up a size in clothing. He has also slimmed down lately. His thighs are starting to lose their rolls.

-He has a little stranger anxiety and will turn away and bury his head in my shoulder when someone holds out their arms to get him. However lately we have noticed that it's more of a game than a security measure. He has started laughing when he does it and then peeking back at the person and repeating.

-Starting to like stuffed animals. He has previously ignored them unless he was throwing them out of his crib, but lately he has been carrying them around sometimes.

-Can drink out of his straw sippy but still not an actual straw.

-Can point to his hair, eye, ear, mouth, toes and tummy.

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