Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Here are some of my favorite iPhone pictures lately:

Daddy fixed Pax's hair after his bath one night...he rocked the hawk. We couldn't stop laughing. As I was rocking him before bed, he would look up at me with that Mohawk and I would crack up, which of course would make him laugh so we were just laughing at each other for about 15 minutes. It wasn't a successful bedtime.

Tuesday night we were playing outside with Grandpa and Sticker needed some attention. Paxton petted him a little bit.

Then leaned in for a kiss...

And then checked out what Sticker had going on in the back door.

Here's something sweet Pax does a lot right now--he'll be all over the place playing and then randomly come lay his head down next to me on the couch and suck his thumb. Five seconds later he's back to playing.

This sprinkler attachment is one of Paxton's favorite toys right now. He carries it around like a purse...

...and gives it constant kisses.

Jared was surprised when I told him how much he loves it...and even more surprised when I told him his obsession is much stronger when the thing is not attached to the hose (although he does like it that way too).

I think this one is funny because he looks kinda evil and huge sitting on the couch...

I followed him around for about three days trying to capture pictures of him pointing to his body parts...



And I only got these three.

I took this one as he pushed his truck around and it made me teary because I know before we know it we'll be taking this exact picture with his first real car...

You might remember this bear from our baby shower. Jared's mom gave us this guy that she had saved from when Jared was little. He loved this bear so much, and slept on his face every night and completely flattened it. It is one of the most special things we have and Paxton has started carrying it around. It melts my heart every time.

Pax liked this fun Woody apple juice container from Gramsy..and here's a bonus, it's leak proof!! Like for real leak proof, no matter how much he throws it, not a drop comes out!

We keep trying to get Paxton to enjoy playing on fast food play grounds and he's just not into it. Here he was at Chick-fil-a planning his escape.

He does this a lot...maybe he thinks we talk too much? But my favorite part is the creepy guy in the background.

He's such a funny kid and I love his little personality and his toddlerisms that are starting to come out.

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