Monday, July 16, 2012

Other Babies

Paxton is OBSESSED with other babies and little kids. Whenever we're out, he always sees them and just watches them intently (okay, maybe he stares). Lately when we've been out, he will sometimes actively try to get their attention, and when he does be flashes them a big cheesy grin.

I definitely want to capitalize on this stage, so we have been trying to get together with the other babies we know as much as possible.

Last week, we had a play date with Taryn and her sweet baby, Griffin. Paxton was obsessed with pointing out his hair and taking toys away from him.

We also met some of our church friends at the zoo last week. Jennifer and her son, Grayson (who is only about three weeks older than Pax) and Bonnie and her daughter Dean. Jennifer took some amazing pictures of the little ones:

Paxton and Grayson checking out the elephant:

All three babies in their strollers before we got started (Dean, Grayson, Paxton):

And after...much sweatier:

(thanks for the pictures Jennifer!!)

And on Saturday, Paxton went to his first birthday party. Our friends Chris and Jessica had a party for their son, Camden, who just turned two.

Paxton thought Camden was pretty cool, especially when he was showing Paxton how to growl (not that Pax needs help with that). I was surprised how outgoing Paxton was. He would walk right up to people and show them his big, cheesy grin.

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