Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pregnancy Update

I've had a few pregnancy milestones that I wanted to document. The day before our gender reveal ultrasound, Jared felt the baby kick for the first time. This was even earlier than I first felt Paxton, so it was kind of surprising and really neat. I think this time he just knew what to feel for.

Yesterday (22 weeks) was the first time we have been able to watch the baby move from the outside. It was really neat to just lay there and watch my stomach jiggle. The baby movements are by far my favorite part of pregnancy.

We have pretty much decided on a name but are trying it out for awhile and comparing it to our other choice before we announce it.

I have been craving chocolate malts from Braum's the past few weeks...pretty much every night.

At my last appointment, my blood pressure was pretty high. Since I had high blood pressure with Paxton also, I am supposed to keep a log and I will probably end up on medicine for it before too long. With Pax it never turned into preeclampsia so that was lucky...hopefully that is the case this time too. His heart rate was 144bpm and he is measuring right on track.

This baby is a lot more active than I remember Paxton being. I remember feeling Paxton move for a few minutes at a time about every hour. With this baby, I feel him move all the time.

I know this picture is super blurry, but I crack up every time I see it. I love the little photo bomb:

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  1. I love the bump picture - so cute with Pacton in the background! I feel like G moved so much more consistently as well - maybe I was just more aware of it since it was the second baby? I don't know. Praying you don't get pre-e!