Saturday, December 22, 2012


 Paxton turned 21 months old today!  I can't believe that his second birthday is getting so close, it doesn't seem like we should be the parents of a 2-year-old!  He is definitely learning new things and impressing us daily.

At 21 months Paxton is:
  •  Obsessed with Mickey.  He still isn't saying a ton of new words, but he mastered "Mickey".  He says it as soon as he wakes up in the morning and multiple times throughout the day.  We definitely need to set some kind of limit on how much time he spends watching it. He has learned from it at least.  He now knows what sound a bird makes, a cow makes, and a frog makes.  He can sing the intro song and the hot dog song and we catch him many times a day yelling "toodles". 
  •  Getting really good at communicating his desires without talking.  He has established lots of little work-arounds to get what he wants without actually having to learn the word for it.  He will bring us a book with a picture of fruit or cupcakes when he wants a snack and then whine and point when we get to the page with the picture of what he wants.  He will point to the soap bubbles in the tub when he wants us to blow bubbles.  He is also really funny about wearing shoes and socks right now.  He got some Elmo slippers for Christmas and if he isn't wearing shoes, he will bring those to us to put on him.  If one falls off he will bring it to us and then turn around and sit in our laps and have us put it on.  It's funny because he used to always rip his socks off when he got the chance.
  •  Able to point out tons of body parts and clothing.  He knows hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, hand, tummy, belly button, knee, foot and toes.  He can point to his pants, his shoes, socks, shirt and diaper.  He has also learned to point to other people's body parts, so if we ask him where Daddy's nose is, he can point to that.  He knows pretty much all of our family members and can point them out when asked in real life or in pictures. We tried to teach him that the baby is in Mommy's tummy, but he didn't get it, so now when we ask him where the baby is he points to his tummy. 
  •  Asking to sit on his potty sometimes but hasn't used it yet.  We aren't potty training by any means, the kid can barely talk, but we got the potty chair so he would get used to it and he likes to sit on it.  He will sit for a few seconds at a time and then ask to get up. 
  •  Still in a throwing phase.  We are starting to work on teaching him to only throw balls and if he's in the right mood, he will usually put whatever he is about to throw down nicely and take a ball.  He really likes to be praised so that is working better for us than discipline.  He does have a guilty conscience sometimes and if we tell him no, he will put himself in time out.  We try not to laugh but it's pretty funny.  We have only put him in time out maybe three times so we aren't even sure how he understands it, but he definitely does. 
  •  Officially back in to giving kisses.  He would do it when he first learned how (maybe around nine months), and then stopped for quite awhile.  He would give kisses to stuffed animals or babies, but not adults.  Now he will give us kisses whenever we ask.  He has also graduated past the open-mouthed kisses and kind of puckers up.  It's precious.  If he's not in the mood to give a kiss, he will tilt his forehead towards our lips and allow us to kiss his forehead. 
  •  Mimicking a lot of things.  He will help us unload the dishwasher, he will comb or brush his own hair, wash his face, wipe up spills and wash his own hair.  He is also really starting to mirror how Jared plays with him.  He will get into the same wrestling stances and then try to tackle Jared. 
  •  Suddenly the owner of 16 teeth.  He was stuck on eight for about eight months and then the next eight all came in at once.  He was more easily irritated for about two weeks while they were coming through, but other than that he did really well.  He slept fine and was pretty happy most of the time.  I was surprised when I looked in and saw them all coming through at once. 
As always, we are loving watching this little boy grow up and learn new things.  If I could freeze this stage I would.  We haven't entered the tantrum and "no" phase yet, so it's definitely the toddler honeymoon phase.  He is so much more cuddly now which is great.  We are trying to soak up as much time as possible with him as our only child.

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