Monday, December 10, 2012

What's Going On

Granny V gave us a huge, inflatable Elmo for our front yard. Paxton loves it and keeps looking at it through the front door. It also prompted him to start saying "Elmo" which does not sound like dada like most of his words. He says ahh-mo! It's precious.

His other favorite person right now is Mickey. A few days ago, he actually threw a fit when I put shoes on him that were not his Mickey shoes. He handed his Mickey shoes to me and was inconsolable until I put them on. Then he was happy.

He has also gotten into the habit of watching Mickey on TV every morning while he eats breakfast. He hops up on the couch and is so excited after I tell him it's time.

Then I turn the TV on, it's usually on a different channel and this happens:

Then I get it changed and he is back to excited.

On Friday morning while I was getting ready, I got Paxton all set up in his room with Rudolph on. I figured he would last about thirty seconds, but he surprised me by staying up there for the entire 15 minutes I needed to get ready.

Yesterday, Jared and I were in another room and things were quiet in the living room. Jared went in to check on him and found this:

Honey mustard covering his face, covering his hands and covering the couch and carpet.

Today, it was finally cold here, but Paxton would not give up his outside time. I bundled him up and he even kept his hat and mittens on while we played.

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