Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Day!

This year, the meteorologists were predicting a huge snow storm on Christmas Day.  We did have a white Christmas, but it was definitely not a big snow storm...there probably wasn't even a half inch.

Then, on Friday morning, I woke up and looked out the window and our back yard was white.  I couldn't remember if I had looked out the back window since Christmas, so I wasn't sure if it was still just leftover snow from Christmas...but it looked like a lot more! I looked into the front and knew that it had snowed that morning.  We were shocked because snow is a big deal here and if it's predicted then it's all anyone talks about and it is big news.  We hadn't heard anything about this.  It turned out that it was a surprise to pretty much everyone!

It kept snowing the rest of the morning.  Since Paxton hadn't gotten to go out in the snow on Christmas because he was a little wheezy and not feeling good, we knew we had to take him out.  We bundled him up and headed into the back yard.
 He loved it!  He ran around everywhere in it, and laughed at Scarlett because she freaks out in the snow.
 He played in it a little bit, but then he found his bubbles and just wanted us to blow them.
It was fun to see how much he has changed since his first snow last February.  When I took him out in that, he just sat in it and looked around with a huge smile.  He wouldn't touch it or move.  This year there were tiny footprints all over the yard.

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