Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Activities

On Monday night, we loaded up and headed to Quail Springs Mall to see Santa. When we got there, we realized it was pet night...there were lots of dogs there getting their pictures taken with Santa. It actually turned out to be a good thing because Paxton still got to see Santa but the line was much shorter and Pax loved looking at the doggies as we waited. I wasn't expecting a lot from the picture this year...last year Paxton was scared of Santa and this year he mostly just wants his mama to hold him, but I wanted to at least try. In the car on the way there, we kept asking Paxton what Santa says and he would say "hoooo.....hoooo....hooo" all drawn out and creepy. It was hilarious.

We put Pax on Santa's lap and his first impression was EXACTLY like last year's first impression:

But unlike last year, he got past it and sat calmly. He did not smile at all. Every once in awhile he would look up at Santa with a kind of fearful face, but then he would look at us and be okay. This year, we just got a serious face:

Then to reward him for being so good this year, we took him on the merry go round on the way out. He wasn't sure what to think at first:

But then he found a button to push and was happy.

He has really been enjoying the huge Elmo in our front yard. He loves to look at it and say "ahhh-do" (for Elmo). It's good that somebody is enjoying it because it pretty sure Jared is over it since he's always out there trying to get it to stand back up after the wind blows it over. Oklahoma is not the state for things like this...

He also has way too many Christmas outfits...

And this is not all of them...but now that I know that we have another sweet little boy coming along who will be almost that exact size in two short Christmases, I just can't resist!!

On Tuesday night we went to downtown Edmond to walk around and look at the lights. It was pretty chilly, but Paxton had a blast.

I love watching him experience all the magic of Christmas!!

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  1. Ha, how fun! The picture with Santa is so cute. I'm pretty sure Wyatt would be screaming the entire time if we tried to take a picture with Santa, so I don't think we're going to subject him to it this year!