Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmastime is Here!

We have a very strict tradition of waiting until Thanksgiving night to put up our tree, but this year we just couldn't wait. We put our decorations up the weekend before Thanksgiving and haven't regretted it.

Paxton also got to break in his Christmas jammies that night too.

We got him a Little People manger scene this year and put it up where our fancy one usually goes. He plays with it a lot.

All over the place...

Especially if by "play with it" we are talking about throwing the characters everywhere and sticking them in the tree.

Three characters are already missing...but, on a more positive note, that's really the only way he messes with the tree. We were surprised because last year he would roll or army crawl over to it every chance he got and pull ornaments off. This year he is much busier so we were definitely expecting the worst, but he is happy just looking at it.

He got to play outside while we put the lights up (which we did wait til Black Friday to do, as is tradition).

Since then, he and Daddy have used the empty area in front of the tree to play lots of tackle football and wrestling.

And we might have taken a few pics...

I was also really excited to find this outfit that he had last year in a 24 month at Carter's.

We started a new tradition this year of watching a Charlie Brown Christmas as a family in our Christmas pajamas. Paxton watched a little bit with us and played a little bit too.

Today, we got Pax his own little tree for his room. We want to use this one for ornaments he wants and things that are special to him. He was in awe of it when we set it up...

After several minutes he reached out to touch it.

This year, he pointed at a train ornament at the store, so we brought that home for him. He said "hmm hmm" (his version of choo-choo as he pushed it around.

He even helped put a ball on:

He's a pretty big fan of his tree. One of my favorite memories each Christmas growing up was bringing in my own tree with my own ornaments and decorating it however I wanted. I can't wait to share this with him.

Christmas is even more magical this year with a little boy who is in awe of Christmas trees and lights and will probably actually be interested in his presents this year.
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