Friday, November 30, 2012

It's A....

We find out on Tuesday if we will be having a second son or a daughter. We won't be sharing until Saturday since that's when the big gender reveal party for our families is. To say we're excited would be an understatement. We have been counting down since we scheduled the appointment.

A boy would be great. We have boy clothes, we have boy toys, we know what to expect with little boys (lots of yelling and throwing). Plus, Paxton and his little sibling will be sharing a room for a little while and two boys would be perfect in a room together. I love the idea of having two brothers growing up together, wrestling in the living room, playing with cars and camping with Daddy.

A girl would be great. We would need tons more stuff, but luckily a lot of our big stuff is gender neutral. Plus, how cute are baby girl clothes? And bows? And tiny Mary Janes? Yep, a girl would be lots of fun. It would be neat to see how different baby boys and baby girls are, everything would be new. I like the idea of Paxton and Daddy playing football in the backyard while Poppy and Mommy bake cookies (not that I couldn't do that with a boy, but this is my imagination).

I definitely thought that after Paxton all we would want would be another boy, but I have been surprised by our open-mindedness. I think we will truly be surprised and excited with whatever announcement she makes on Tuesday (although I hope that if it's a boy she says "there's a stem on that apple!" like she did last time).

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