Thursday, November 15, 2012

Poppy Update (16 weeks)

So with this pregnancy, I found myself wishing that I had better documented my pregnancy with Paxton. I keep wondering if I'm feeling and experiencing things at the same time or not. Because of that, I am going to try to do a better job of documenting this pregnancy in case there's a third.

Feeling? I'm feeling tired and hungry...and thirsty. I drink water alllll day and pay for it with very frequent bathroom trips. I have been having to get up during the night less than in the first trimester but it still happens. I can still sleep on my stomach comfortably, so no pregnancy pillow yet. I have been feeling baby movements for two weeks now. They are not consistent yet, and they are very gentle. I'm not sure how I missed them for so long last time, I wonder what I thought that was. I have started getting that heavy and almost crampy feeling in my lower stomach that I remember worrying about last time until I read something about all the extra blood in that area and it made total sense.

Cravings? I still want fruit some of the time, but this week my strong craving has been bacon. Non-pregnant Caitlynne doesn't even like bacon that much, but pregnant Caitlynne NEEDS it which I think is hilarious. The pasta from Cici's is another thing I can't get enough of (which is probably why I gained 4 pounds this month). With the fruit cravings, I was definitely thinking girl, but now that they have shifted, I am back to undecided.

Baby Progress? I finally heard the heart beat at my appointment today. Last month, she couldn't find it and had to do an ultrasound. It was 160 bpm which is exactly what Pax's was at this point. I had the quad screen blood test today and pending the results of that, we can schedule the gender reveal ultrasound in two weeks! I think knowing the gender will make everything a lot more real.

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