Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dressing Up

As Halloween approached, we were busy planning costumes for both Paxton and Jared (Jared has a theme at work every year and has to dress up on Halloween for the work day). Jared's theme was Oscar-winning movies and his original plan was to be Mrs. Doubtfire. We borrowed a wig from Granny...

And got some old lady glasses at the thrift store:

But we decided the wig wasn't right, so he decided to use it to be Mark Zuckerberg from the Social Network. Paxton loved bringing us the wig and the glasses to put on him.

The night before Halloween, we decided to go to Haunt the Zoo. I had worked a booth in college as community service for my sorority, and remembered that it seemed fun. We loaded our puppy in his wagon and headed out. The beginning was rough. It was super crowded and once we got in, we were literally just stopped in a huge group of people. Paxton was already over the wagon by that time, so we were trying to take turns carrying him, but all he wanted was to walk. There were way too many people for that to happen, so Jared was carrying him and singing Halloween songs to him as we tried to navigate through the crowd. Somehow, I got stuck with his candy bag and wagon and got the privilege of going up to the people handing out candy and trick or treating, pulling an empty wagon.

As it started to clear out, we got Pax back in the wagon with a sucker and a snack and things improved immensely. We made it through, but vowed that if we go back next year, we will go later.

Zoo treats:

My sweet puppy and Mark Zuckerberg:

Scarlett wasn't sure what to think of Pax's puppy costume. She kept trying to play with him.

On Halloween night, we decided to put Paxton in his Boomer costume that he got for Christmas last year. We were planning on driving around to different family member's houses and the puppy costume doesn't fit in the car seat.

We went to my mom's were she had a special bucket ready for him. He got a book, some Little People, m&ms, a football, a pumpkin Skittles dispenser and a cool Halloween straw. He was way more in to the candy she was handing out to trick or treaters and kept going to the bowl and grabbing handfuls.

He did not get the concept of trick or treating at all. He refused to carry his bucket and when someone would open the door, he would just walk right in.

We went to Granny V's house next. She and Aunt Maddy were getting ready to go trick or treat when we got there, so we went to Ray and Tommie's house with them (relatives of Jared). Then, we piled in our car and drove to Granny's house. Paxton was done after that, so we went home to pass out candy to trick or treaters and get some dinner. Paxton liked the trick or treaters, he would run to the door every time to see them.

Since Halloween, he has been getting into the candy almost every matter where we hide it.

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