Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fountains and Hats

After our weekly Friday lunch with Jared last week, we decided to go by the fountains downtown. We never made it to a splash park with Pax this summer, and since it was a warm day, it was perfect.

He liked the fountains:

And he did much better than I expected about staying dry. He just put his hands in, he never ran through them or anything.

On Saturday night, we played at the park. Paxton still hates the slide, but always insists on going down...

And lately, every single time I get him out of his car seat in the garage, he feels like it's time to play outside. Since he usually is dressed with shoes on, I mostly let it happen (also a massive fit ensues if I refuse).

His newest trick is to put pieces of food in his hair and say "hat". We probably egged it on with our laughter, but it is hilarious.

His hair now has a constant sticky spot from various food.

And on Sunday night, he tried it with a sucker. It got stuck and he was not happy. He kept shaking his head trying to get it out and then he bent over and tried to rub his head on the ground to get it off.

Once I finally stopped laughing long enough to help, I just took him to the sink and rinsed it out.

He also did three things yesterday that I thought were pretty cool. First, he had his Elmo book about bubbles with him at breakfast. He was flipping through it while I made his breakfast. He turned to the page where it talks about the bubbles going "pop pop pop" and yelled "POP POP POP!" I don't know how he knew that was the right page, but he definitely did.
Secondly, while we were outside playing, cars would drive past and each time he would deliberately stop what he was doing and say "car".
Thirdly, he picked up a piece of the snack he was eating off the floor, pulled a little hair off of it and popped it in his mouth. It was cool to see him notice the hair and be able to pull it off.

He has also learned who Elmo is and can point him out in all of his books with Elmo in them.

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