Monday, November 19, 2012

Lambs, Ice and Another Black Eye

I have been hoping that Paxton would get attached to a certain stuffed animal or blanket for several months now. To my delight, it looks like it has happened.

He loves this little lamb. He carries it around the house, and he cuddles with it, and he gives it kisses all the time. He had to wake up early on Wednesday to take Daddy to the airport and we gave him the little lamb to hold in the car. He held it, cuddled up to his chest, the entire ride to the airport and back home...even while eating a donut. It was precious.

While Jared was gone, Paxton was jumping around on the couch and belly flopped and hit his eye on a cereal bowl. He officially had his second black eye...poor kid.

Then, sometime during the night, he scratched himself and had a scrape all the way down his nose. He looked like a mess for a few days...

He has discovered leaves...he loves to pick up handfuls and throw them.

And his new favorite thing to do is to take things out of containers and then put them back in. He played with this cup of ice for about 15 minutes on Thursday afternoon and then kept coming back to it until the ice melted.

He also learned how to unlock our iPhones they are no longer safe. I'm assuming most of my contacts will start getting random calls and nonsensical texts.

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  1. OH, that's so sweet about his lamb! Wyatt has an attachment to one of his blankets, and sometimes he'll insist upon have his "dnanket", and then cuddle up with it - it melts my heart.