Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012

We started the morning off with some powdered sugar donuts...that is completely irrelevant, but I love how big he looks in this picture.

We went to vote right around noon, which I knew was a bad idea because everyone would be voting on their lunch break at that time. Fortunately, my little voting buddy was pretty happy.

Sure enough, we pulled up to a line out the door of the church and around the corner. I had packed lots of snacks, books and toys (and maybe some Halloween candy) in anticipation of the wait.

We walked up to the end of the line and an official-looking man came up and asked what neighborhood I lived in. I told him and he said, "Well, I have good news. This isn't your line. Walk straight in the door and to your right. That's your line." As I was walking past all those people, I felt a little guilty and a little bit like a rock star...we got inside and turned right and there was no There was one single person standing at the table, being handed his ballot. I walked straight up, signed in and voted before I even gave Pax his first snack. We walked out, finished, and the people who were in front of us when we first got in line had moved about six steps. It was amazing.

I decided we needed a little treat on the way home for doing our civic duty, so we stopped at Sonic. Paxton got a tiny orange slush, and even though it took him all afternoon and evening, he actually finished it!

Jared and I watched the election coverage most of the night. It is crazy to watch the votes tally up in states where votes count. It is also amazing to watch something so huge be decided, regardless of which candidate wins.

I had to take a picture of Paxton with the election coverage because I had a heart-sinking moment where I realized that the next time we're doing this, he'll be in KINDERGARTEN!!!

Since he was still up, talking in his crib, when the winner was announced, we got him up for a picture. Again, regardless of which way it ended up, it was a huge moment in his life.

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