Saturday, November 3, 2012


A few days (weeks) ago, Aunt Teighynne and Aunt Mal were going to the Omniplex with Kaleb and asked if Pax and I could come. I had been wanting to take him anyway, so we went.

The boys are only eight months apart which is starting to seem like less as they get bigger.

They shared a snack in the wagon before we hit the kid's area.

We found kind of a secret section with gymnastics memorabilia. More importantly, it was an area we could contain them in with lots of mats to play on and some room to run. Paxton thinks Kaleb is pretty cool and tries to follow him around a lot.

And he almost mastered the somersault.

We also did the kid's area where Paxton was obsessed with climbing these stairs:

And both boys loved the water table.

On the way out, we found an area with a huge table and chairs:

We ended the morning with lunch at McDonald's and a little time in the play place. It was a fun afternoon, and I'm glad Paxton has an almost-cousin so close to his age.

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  1. Yay Omniplex! And getting soaked at the water table! And conking heads on the corners of the bigger kid area! And wanting to go play in the nursing station!