Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More New Things!

Paxton is still obsessed with the Elmo book about bubbles. Now, not only can he fill in the "POP POP POP", he also points to his nose, toes and hair when the book says those words.

(And yes our Chrismas tree is already up)

Last night, Daddy was playing Peekaboo with Pax while he ate dinner and Paxton mastered it.

I love those chubby fingers and his eyes peeking out:

Then at the library this morning, he learned how to stack. He stacked piles of blocks and then these stacking cups (the rest of the time was spent running around like a crazy man).

I don't know if this was the first time he was capable of stacking or not, we don't have any blocks or anything so he hasn't really had a chance to stack at home (I bet Santa will remedy that).

Also while we were at the library, the leader brought out the bubbles at the end and Paxton kept yelling "POP POP POP!" It is pretty neat that he realizes that the drawings in his Elmo book are the same thing as real life bubbles. His little mind just keeps astounding me!

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