Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Paxton is doing so many things lately that just make him seem so big!

Every morning, I tell him that it's time for Mickey and he runs into the living room and stands in front of the TV. If the TV is on a different channel when it turns on, he looks at me with the most pitiful face and lets out a little whine. As soon as Mickey comes on, he gets so excited. He stays in the living room the whole time it's on and watches bigger chunks of it every day. This is the first time he has been interested in doing more than quick glances at the TV and I love that he loves Mickey.

He has also started trying to feed us bites of his food. The first night he did it, we couldn't get enough and poor Jared had to eat way too many Cheez-Its. I love that he opens his mouth so we'll open ours.

He has also started playing Peekaboo under buckets and his toy bin. He thinks his toy bin is hilarious to play under because he can peek out.

And then a few days ago when we were playing outside, he grabbed Sticker's tail and pulled. He looked just like the stereotypical naughty little boy. I loved it.

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