Monday, December 10, 2012

Finding Out

Jared and I were really excited for Gender Reveal day last Tuesday. We knew that the ultrasound and finding out the gender would help make the pregnancy a lot more real.

Here is my first posted baby bump at 18.5 weeks (when we found out):

I did not take baby bump pictures throughout my pregnancy with Paxton, but this time I have been. I will probably not share most of them, but I did want to document this one.

Jared took the whole day off and we tried to duplicate the day of Pax's gender reveal. Paxton's was in the morning, so things were in a different order, but we kept the activities as similar as we could.

We went to Chili's for lunch:

And then Jared got me some orange juice right before my appointment to make sure Poppy would be moving.

The appointment was during Pax's nap so Granny V came over to keep him while we went. We went to the appointment alone this time, unlike last time, because we wanted everyone to be surprised at the reveal.

The ultrasound was great. It was way more thorough than the one with Pax. She showed us all the different parts of the brain, the chambers of the heart, the kidneys, the femurs...everything. All of a sudden, she was between the legs. I didn't realize we were already at that point, but I knew what I was seeing when it showed up on the screen. She said, "what do you think it is?" And I said, "is that what I think it is?" She said, "yep, it's a boy!" We were so excited. I cried a little and we kept squeezing each other's hands and smiling the rest of the appointment. We are so glad to have a little brother for Paxton and a sweet little guy to wear all of Paxton's clothes.

We went immediately to Babies R Us to buy a gender-specific outfit like we did last time. We found this sweet whale sleeper and had to get it.

Then, we had to keep our excitement to ourselves until Saturday when we were having the gender reveal party. It was hard to call our sweet little baby a boy to each other, but go back to calling him "it" when we would talk to anyone else.

We took a couple of pictures before the party, but none during the party...

It was so fun to show everyone our video and watch their reactions. It was also so nice to not have to worry about keeping it a secret anymore!!

We are so excited to start decorating the room for a second little boy!

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  1. Oh, how special - congratulations on having another little BOY!! It'll be so fun for Paxton to have a little brother!

  2. Congratulations!!!!! So excited for you guys!!!!

  3. yay for 2 boys! I love having 2 boys even though the youngest is only 2 weeks old! I especially loved pulling out all of the baby clothes and remembering how cute they are, and being excited to use them again!