Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Review

2012 was a pretty amazing year for our family!


We celebrated Paxton's first New Year's and watched as he pulled up for the first time.


We celebrated our first Valentine's Day with a child and it was pretty special. Paxton experienced his first snow, his first trip to Orange Tree and his first box fort.


March was a big month for our family! Jared celebrated his 26th birthday, we traveled down to Texas for Blakely's baby shower, and Paxton had his last first holiday: St. Patrick's Day. We celebrated his first birthday with a big party and way too many new traditions.


Paxton got his first haircut, went to the lake and his first baseball game. He fell in love with plastic Easter eggs and he took his first steps. We watched Aunt Bevynne graduate from high school.


Paxton got to go on Grandpa's boat for the first time and liked it. We spent lots of time outside with his little wading pool and his water table. He and Scarlett became good friends. He officially started standing without pulling up and saying "mama". We took a trip to Texas where he met his future wife, Blakely.


We had lots of back yard picnics and pool time. We went to the lake again, this time with my family. Paxton learned to clap and started walking. Jared and I celebrated three years of marriage and we took a family trip to Tulsa and visited the aquarium. Paxton had a bad case of Hand Foot and Mouth disease, but overcame it bravely.


We took another lake trip, celebrated the 4th of July with our families, and spent lots of time outside. Paxton and I went to the zoo with Granny V and Maddy and Jared and I took Pax to the circus and were very impressed with how well he did.


We bought our house! We got to spend a whole week with the Thompson's and Paxton gave Blakely her first kiss. We painted and rearranged Paxton's room and he got to sit on Grandpa's motorcycle which he loved. He fell in his room and got his first fat lip. Paxton started saying "up" and "down" and we celebrated his baby buddy, Dean's second birthday. Most importantly, we found out Baby #2 was on its way.


Paxton finally mastered the straw. He turned 18 months old and we celebrated with dinner at IHOP. We had our first ultrasound with Baby #2 and we celebrated my birthday. We left Paxton for the first time and took a trip to Chicago. We went to the fair and announced our baby news to our families.


We took Pax to the pumpkin patch for his first time with Granny V and Maddy. Jared had to travel for work and was gone for a week. He brought Paxton a plane which quickly became his favorite toy. Paxton stayed in the nursery at church for the first time and it was a disaster. We announced that Pax would be a big brother to the world at large. We took another trip to Texas for the OU/Texas game and went to a pumpkin patch with the Thompson's. Paxton had some cousin time with Kaleb (and Teighynne and Mallory) at the Omniplex. He had two Halloween costumes and we did Haunt the Zoo and trick or treated at our mom's houses.


Paxton discovered leaves and the joy of throwing them. He ate tons of Halloween candy and played in the fountains downtown. He enjoyed lots of Thanksgiving food this year.


We had our 18-week ultrasound and were so excited to find out that #2 is a boy!! We made a video to reveal the gender to our families at our gender reveal party. Paxton fell in love with the Christmas tree and thought every evergreen tree or bush he encountered was a Christmas tree. He became obsessed with Mickey and begged to watch it many times a day. We visited Santa, made ornaments, looked at lots of Christmas lights and got amazing presents. Paxton learned to help unload the dishwasher and had his first white Christmas and then a bigger snowfall a few days later.

We are looking forward to what 2013 will bring, especially the birth of our sweet little boy.

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