Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Random Update

Paxton has been a pretty big fan of his stuffed Mickey he got for Christmas. We thought for a little while that it might replace Lamby, but Lamby still holds a special place in Pax's heart.

Paxton loves playing at Gramsy's work. He is obsessed with the fishies. And he doesn't hate the time spent with Gramsy and Aunt Teighynne.

I had to take Pax to my baby doctor appointment today (142 bpm and measuring right on track...the baby kept kicking the wand while the nurse was looking for the heart beat and it was hilarious) and I thought we deserved a that afterwards. He loves Sonic slushies.

Paxton is a big climber and he thinks it's funny to make a bridge between the couch and the ottoman.

He has taken an interest in unloading the dishwasher. He will take all the silverware out of the basket and put it in the drawer (this was the first time he did it and he was very closely supervised with the knives. Now that we know he does this we keep the knives far away from his hands). Then, he takes the plates and other dishes out one by one and looks at us to ask where they go. We just open the drawer or cabinet and he will put it away. When he's done, he shuts all the doors and drawers and shuts the dishwasher and then claps for himself.

And he has invented a new use for his lawn mower.

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