Monday, January 21, 2013


In the middle of our winter weather, we have had a couple of nice days. One day, it got so warm that I had to get Pax's shorts back out.

We spent a lot of time outside that day playing with the pets and blowing bubbles.

He thinks Scarlett is hilarious, especially when she's hyper. Sometimes she gets a little too hyper and knocks him down. Just a few seconds after this picture, she jumped on him and he fell over. She definitely needs to learn some manners.

He loves playing outside.

We were driving past the park by our house one afternoon and I saw a bunch of ducks. I thought Pax would like to see them, so we stopped even though it was super cold. He wasn't very interested in the ducks, but I finally got him to approach them. As he got closer they all took flight and I was worried he would be scared, but he thought it was pretty funny.

He did not spend long with the ducks, all he was interested in was running towards the playground.

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