Monday, January 28, 2013

Toddler Stuff

Paxton and I joined a new mom's group and Paxton made a new friend fast. He found a little boy who was just his age and they played in the sand together and chased each other around.

We went and played at Unpluggits and Pax spent most of his time climbing up the slide. He still isn't a fan of going down.

An unfortunate chain of events: Pax requesting a Blow Pop, us giving him the Blow Pop, him abandoning the Blow Pop after five licks, Scarlett finding the Blow Pop and eating it down to the gum, Paxton finding the Blow Pop and doing his usual trick of putting it on his head and saying "hat"; led to our first gum in the hair incident.

It came out pretty easily in the bath without having to google gum removal.

Pax and I have been sporting our mom and baby Toms a lot lately. I love that the tiny ones have Velcro.

Someone learned how to take self-portraits on the iPhone and is obsessed.

He almost always wakes up happy after naptime.

There are not a lot of things more adorable than watching him crawl around, scooting his cars and making car noises. I just love being a little boy mom.

He has finally mastered the whole picking things up, taking a bite, chewing it up and then taking another bite form of eating. We were having to tear or cut everything up so he wouldn't try to jam the whole thing in his mouth and get frustrated and throw it down. It was a donut that did the trick.

This little boy loves donuts.

He gets really excited when he sees fish tanks. Uncle Josh showed him this one and he was entranced.

Lately he has been really into his blocks. He likes building towers and knocking them down and throwing the blocks (and taking all the books off of his bookshelf and throwing them down). We are going to have to work on the block throwing before his little brother gets here.

I love the concentrating face and how carefully he stacks the blocks to make sure the tower doesn't tip.

We tried Play-doh again and he's a fan now. He likes to squish it and dip it in imaginary dips and then pretend to eat it...then he says "yuck yuck yuck". He usually follows that by acting like he's feeding it to me.

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