Friday, August 31, 2012

Ending August

We went to Mazzio's with Jared's family on Tuesday night. I tried Paxton's jeans from last winter on him, hoping that they would still fit. They were way too short, but I had already committed to the outfit...and as much as he hates getting dressed, I didn't want to fight him for another outfit. So, I just rolled his jeans up. I like this age, where you can get away with girlier fashions.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the glider in his room watching him play. He climbed up onto the footstool and curled up and laid his head down and started sucking his thumb. A few seconds later he was back to playing, but I had to capture the hilarious moment.

He got this Boomer costume last year for Christmas from Barbara Sue, but the season was over so he didn't get to wear it for a game. We got it back out this year and he can still squeeze into it. Maybe he'll wear it for some games.

He likes when we take pictures together.

Jared and I have been on a candy kick lately and I have been getting boxes of Hot Tamales. I usually can't eat a whole box at a time. Paxton always finds my open boxes and finishes them off. He always ends up with red stickiness all over his arms and face. What kind of toddler loves Hot Tamales? He always cries when they're gone too...

On the way to the grocery store on Monday, Paxton was alternating between his milk and his water.

Paxton has been a little fussier than usual since he turned 17 months. I think it's his strong will...but we have been trying to do as many of the things he asks us to do as possible. Since his main request is to go outside, we ended up at the park twice this week.

And, in bigger news, we closed on our house today and are officially homeowners!! We're so excited to start making some changes and improvements, and so excited that our first house to own is the same house we brought Pax home from the hospital to!

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