Monday, August 13, 2012

Phone Dump

Paxton took his first trip to college this weekend. We went to OSU to move Maesynne and Bevynne into their dorm rooms. He was kind of a handful. He spilled his entire cup of milk all over their living room floor and was obsessed with trying to go into their roommates room.

Here he is in front of Aunt Bevynne's room telling us he's "sooo big":

He has been insisting on trying on sunglasses every time we pass them:

And he brings me his blankie multiple times each day to play peekaboo:

On Friday we tried the catfish place by Daddy's work. Paxton had his first hush puppies and catfish.

He was a fan.

We celebrated Maddy's 16th birthday. She got a musical card which led to some dancing:

We left Pax's booster in Daddy's trunk when he went to work one day, so Paxton got to sit at the table like a big kid:

He has started bringing everything to me. He has even figured out how to lift heavy things like this car from Santa to bring me.

And Elmo is tough to carry but of course he makes the sacrifice. We have to hear him sing all day long.

I finally got him a cute Jon Jon:

And he looked pretty cute in it playing with his new trash truck:

Last Wednesday he came down with a runny nose and wasn't feeling good.

Poor little sick guy:

We did lots of quiet things for a few days, like watching the Office on Mommy and Daddy's bed:

And lots of cuddling with Daddy:

He is feeling a lot better now but still has a little bit of a runny nose. It doesn't slow him down though. He is so busy right now and he seems like he's getting bigger every day.

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