Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Motorcycles, Buffloes and Fat Lips

Paxton is still obsessed with going outside. Now his favorite outdoor activity is walking around the driveway and trying to walk into the street.

He has entered into the copycat stage. Jared likes to take big monster steps and then we laugh as Paxton tries to do it too. He has also started squatting down whenever I squat down to take pictures of him. We have lots of pictures like this now:

He also has figured out that banging on the garage door makes a super loud noise.

Heading for the street:

We went and ate dinner at Alfredo's with Grandpa, Uncle Josh and Uncle Mason. Paxton got some quality snuggles with Uncle Josh:

And he got to sit on Grandpa's motorcycle!! He thought he was pretty cool.

He loved when Grandpa would rev it.

Jared and I were playing in Pax's room with him on Friday night and Paxton lost his balance and hit his mouth on his construction site toy. His lip started swelling up immediately, so I gave him one of his Pedialyte Popsicles. He was happy and his swelling was gone by the time he finished.

(it made me a little sad because suddenly he's old enough to hold it by himself...at least he was snuggled in my lap the whole time)

I love this picture of Pax and Scarlett:

She spun around for about six minutes trying to get comfy on this pillow and as soon as she did, Paxton came over to play.

We tried out this tiny toddler-sized playground at Hafer Park on Saturday evening. I had high expectations since it was all made for smaller kids and Paxton had loved the park by our house on Thursday...

He liked this car that rocked:

And he liked the steering wheel on top of the slide:

But he hated the slide. He cried when he got to the bottom. We thought it was a crazy fluke, or maybe he wasn't prepared or something so we had him try again. He climbed up willingly:

But cried at the bottom again. I guess slides just aren't his thing for now.

On Sunday evening, we went downtown to walk around and let Jared take some pictures for our new living room frames. Paxton was less than excited.

We went to the bombing memorial and walked around. I always feel sad there, but this time the idea of those daycare kids really hit me as I pushed my toddler in his stroller. It was definitely more meaningful to me this time than it has been in the past.

Pax and the reflecting pool:

After that, we wanted to do something a little more lighthearted, so we took Pax to see the buffalo. He thought they were pretty neat. He walked right up to the first guy and rubbed his nose.

He also gave them lots of kisses (on the front and back ends).

And just for fun I added the video of Paxton throwing the wood chips at the park on Thursday. I think it's too funny not to share.

YouTube Video

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