Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fingerpainting for Daddy

I have been looking for some fun indoor activities to do with Paxton now that he's less content just staying home, playing with the same toys every day. I found a recipe for edible fingerpaint and thought that was something he would enjoy. I mean, he loves smearing his spaghetti sauce all over his tray so same thing, right?

The set-up before he started:

First stroke:

He got very concerned about his messy hands partway through:

But then he figured out he could lick them off. After that there was a lot more eating than painting.

On his second piece, he mostly banged on the page with his paint-covered hands.

He was pretty happy with the results:

And we immediately followed painting with a bath (where he dumped an entire full cup of water straight into my lap).

Daddy was excited to hang his painting up by his desk at work:

It was a really messy activity, but the end results were pretty neat and he had a lot of fun. It is definitely something we'll repeat.

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