Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 Somehow, Paxton has gotten to be almost eighteen months all of a sudden.  This year is flying by!  This has been a really fun month development-wise, but also a challenging month as we struggle to redirect him when he gets into things he shouldn't or throws food at restaurants.  I love watching him learn new things, and I feel like he is starting to pick new things up every day!
 At seventeen months, Paxton:

  • Is running everywhere.  I'm not sure it is officially running, but he is speed walking at all times.  He wants to be on the ground going...not in his stroller or the shopping cart or being held.  He loves to go straight for the street if he possibly can.
  • Is learning new words every day.  Yesterday we were laying in the hammock in the back yard and he looked right at me and said "down" perfectly clearly (which he hadn't ever said before).  I put him down and he said "thank you" (which he also hadn't said before).  His new words are ball, bye bye, down, thank you, yeah, and oh yeah.  His talking is more advanced than I realized it would be at this age and it makes me a little sad to already be losing his baby babbling.  I definitely love his little voice and I melt every time he says "mama"...he gets anything he wants if he starts out with that. He will also copy the inflection of things I say to him.  He won't copy the actual sounds, just the basic rhythm and inflection.  He definitely wants to be a talker.
  •  Throws his arms up when we say "TOUCHDOWN!" (right in time for football season).  He also says "O" and we follow it with "U"! He will repeat that for hours.
  •  "Sings" Twinkle Twinkle/ABC's and Mary Had a Little Lamb.  He knows the tune to both songs all the way through but no words.  He will just say "ahh ah ah ah ah ah ah" to the tune.  It is pretty neat and even people who don't know what he's trying to do can recognize the songs.
  •  Is officially down to one nap a day.  He wakes up at 9:00, goes down between 1:00 and 2:00, wakes up around 4:00 or 5:00 and goes to bed for the night at 9:00.  He doesn't have his sleepy phase at 11:00 anymore, he is usually fine right up until nap time. 
  •  Is getting a little better at restaurants.  He still throws food sometimes, but he spends more time eating now than he has in the past. 
  •  Will dance and jump on command.  Both are hilarious and we ask him to do them a lot. 
  •  Has entered into the mimicking stage.  He copies how we play with his toys, how we walk and if I squat to take a picture. 
  •  Holds the phone up to his ear when I tell him to answer it or when it makes any kind of noise.  He won't really talk into it, but he holds it up and smiles a lot.
  •  Is still wearing mostly 18 month clothes, although a few 2T shirts we have gotten him lately are a little tight...hopefully it's just the brand.  His 4.5 shoes still fit and he is still wearing size 5 diapers.
  •  Gives every baby or toddler he comes in contact with lots of kisses.  He will not give kisses to adults for the most part.  If he is feeling it, he will give me a kiss when he wants to, not when I ask.  He will not give Jared kisses.
  •  Still refusing to wave.  When we try to get him to, he just looks at us like we're silly.
  •  Loves when Daddy gets home.  He usually runs to the door when he hears it open and then takes off running away from Jared so he'll chase him.
  •  When he is done sitting somewhere like his high chair at a restaurant, he will reach for me and say "up" or "down". 
I can't believe he will be eighteen months in September!  It really does go by as fast as people say it does.  I am trying to enjoy every minute with him.  I love that he is starting to try to talk, his little voice is so sweet.  He is starting to want to be very independent.  He doesn't like having his diaper changed or getting dressed, he would rather just be playing at all times.  I am loving learning his personality and watching the sweet little boy he is turning into. 


  1. These pictures are so cute! He's adorable. I love all his facial expressions in these!

    1. Thank you so much! He is definitely an expressive little guy!

  2. Oh, I love that wittle hand!! He is just the mose precious little guy! I'm so glad we were able to spend some time with him. He is so much fun!