Friday, August 3, 2012

Water Wonderland

Yesterday while Paxton was taking his nap, I braved the heat to make him a water wonderland to play in when he woke up. His water table has been sitting unused for about a week now and developed a gross layer of sludge and dead bugs, so I had to scrub that out first. I read an article about a little kid getting meningitis from a lake, and the author said that small kids need to be extra careful around stagnant water, so I used lots of soap to scrub that out.

His water wonderland consisted of his new kiddie pool with the mini roof, his freshly cleaned water table, his favorite caterpillar sprinkler attachment and a dump truck full of water toys.

He was excited to be reunited with his old friend the water table.

And little Scarlett was really excited to play with him. I never imagined she would love Paxton this much. Jared and I always joked that once Pax got a little bigger, he and Scarlett would cause trouble together, but I always secretly thought she would be a little annoyed by him...especially since he loves poking her and teasing her. Nope, she's obsessed. She follows him everywhere and naps outside his bedroom door while he's napping.

This is her love face and it's directed right at Paxton. So sweet.

Love love love.

Haha he loves the puppy kisses. He cracks up.

It was a pretty fun early evening outside. I think a water wonderland in the shade in the early evening is the only way to be outside right now.

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