Thursday, August 30, 2012

Park Thursday

We kept the new park tradition alive this week. I found the second closest park to our house and we tried that one. There was a playground for 2-5 year olds which was good.

Juice break:

Eventually, Paxton decided he wanted to conquer the slide. The longer he sat there, the more terrified he got. I finally just slid him down really slowly, holding onto his hands the whole way (it was maybe three feet long). He hated it.

It took some swinging to recover:

Apparently climbing up slides is instinctual in kids because this happened:

And what kind of little boy would he be if he wasn't interested in bugs?

This park was probably a better fit for Paxton equipment-wise than the one by our house, but it isn't in walking distance. It will probably be our secondary park from now on. I love that he's at an age where he has fun at the park.

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