Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day!

We had a pretty low-key Labor Day this year. We were planning on going to the lake after we CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE(!), but with the blue algae and West Nike, we decided a weekend at home would be fun.

On Friday, after closing, we decided to buy ourselves a housewarming present. We have been wanting a sectional for awhile, especially since our leather couch was cracking on the cushions and poked us when we sat on it. We had a really cool gray one with a sleeper section all picked out, but we decided that we're not in the right season of life for an expensive couch. Paxton loves to climb and bounce on the couch, and his leaky sippy cups get milk all over everything. We decided to just get a pretty cheap one for now, and when Pax (and any future kids) are big enough to take care of it, we'll pull the trigger on a nicer one.

We spent Friday getting the new couch home and assembled and getting rid of the old one. We stopped in to see Granny Pat and went to dinner with my mom and sisters and Andrew at Johnnie's.

Saturday, Paxton snapped out of his grumpy phase. Since last Sunday, he has had a little bit of a grumpy streak. He was very short-tempered and cried about everything. He took an extra nap on Saturday and was back to normal. We ate breakfast at Old School Bagel (our favorite) and came home for some house work. Jared spent most of the afternoon in the backyard. He made some major improvements. We had Family Game Night on Saturday night and watched the OU game.

We were super lazy on Sunday. It was amazing. We watched a lot of Mad Men, and Paxton bounced around on the couch.

On Monday, we did our grocery shopping and got Sonic Happy Hour. We were going to start a Labor Day tradition of having a picnic lunch at the park but it was way too hot. We cooked out for dinner and then spent our last evening in the pool. Paxton finally started loving floating on his back (he has been fighting it all summer, but my history as a swimming lessons teacher just wouldn't give up).

It was the perfect end to a long weekend. It definitely made me realize that I'm going to miss this summer. It has been a great one. Paxton has loved playing outside, especially in the water. We have enjoyed some evening swims, and then playing outside to dry off, or laying in the hammock together. This is probably my favorite summer ever.

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  1. Sorry I'm commenting like crazy, but I'm just now catching up on all your posts...

    So, you closed on the house?!? Congratulations!!! Where have I been?? This is exciting! Yay Miller fam!!