Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Having a baby makes relaxing weekends seem a lot more desirable. When it was just the two of us, Jared and I were always planning little trips...the lake, Dallas, Tulsa...just anywhere to get away for a few days. Now that we have Paxton, not only is it a pain to pack, but it's also so much easier to just stay home where all his toys are...

So, instead of taking another lake trip, we did this:

Practiced sitting up

Played with toys

Smiled for pictures

And found some new pajamas we didn't know we had!

We have started feeding Paxton rice cereal from a spoon again and he's doing so much better this time. He actually swallows each bite and then lunges forward for the next one. Apparently as first-time parents we mistook his lack of readiness for general baby sloppiness...we had heard feeding babies was now he's actually ready and loving it. Grandpa Mark ordered Paxton a high chair and he should get it any day now.

He had a growth spurt this week and is officially in 6 month clothes. He can still wear a few of his 3-6 month outfits (which luckily includes his ou onesie) but not for long. He also has some pretty intense thigh rolls. After that, we moved him up to 7 ounces per bottle and he eats every 5 hours (approximately...we're not on a schedule yet). It's nice cuz there's a lot more time in between feedings (he was eating about every 3 hours) to run errands and get things done. On the other hand, it's tough being off a schedule.

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