Saturday, September 24, 2011

Games and Toys

Paxton is really in to face grabbing right now. If he can reach your face, he will grab it. His fingers will probably end up in your nose and the spit from his hands will coat your cheeks. The whole time he is being fed, his hand closest to the feeder is exploring their face. He rubs cheeks and pulls hair.

He has also invented a new game. If he's sitting on a lap facing someone, he will lunge backwards. He wants to be held upside-down and then brought back up repeatedly. I think it's so neat that he thought of that himself and will instigate it.

He has also been practicing standing up:

Look at those thighs!

Here are his six month birthday presents from Mommy and Daddy:

Paxton was also lucky enough to get some awesome presents from both of his grandma's. He got some cute fall/winter clothes and a really neat toy car:

It drives when he shakes the rattle or touch the top. He doesn't get how to turn it on, but he sure does love watching it drive around.

Jared did a fall photo shoot of Paxton last weekend and this is my favorite shot:

(I'll let Jared post the rest on his blog)

And Paxton tried out a Mohawk:

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