Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Lazy Weekend

Before Paxton, Jared and I were out for most of the weekend. Since we both worked all week, we used weekends to run all our errands and we had to pack a week of fun and house cleaning in too. Well, now that I stay home with Paxton, I'm able to get most of the errands run during the week and keep the house picked up. Now, we get to spend that time just hanging out as a family.

Friday night: We made pizza and watched the Office (our favorite tv show in the world) and enjoyed watching Paxton play in his jumperoo (his favorite toy in the world).

Saturday: We spent the day helping my mom and one sister move. Since my mom and sisters have helped me/us move about a thousand times (most recently in one night while I was 8 months pregnant), we definitely owed them. Jared borrowed his dad's trailer and his brother Mason and knocked out the big stuff in two short hours. Moving is never fun, but it was fun to spend a day with my family!

Saturday night: We took the trailer back to Jared's dad and spent some time with Granny Pat.

Sunday: We watched the documentaries that were showing about 9/11. We talked about where we were and what we remembered. We did laundry and cleaned Jared's car. Paxton enjoyed some oatmeal.

He played with his daddy.

YouTube Video

Took a nap.

And looked adorable.

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  1. Bring that baby up here and have a lazy weekend with us!