Thursday, September 22, 2011


Paxton is six months old today.  Once again, we can't believe how fast this is going.  It definitely doesn't seem like it has been six months since we were in the hospital, but at the same time it seems like Paxton has been part of our lives forever.

We are having a six month party for Paxton tonight.  We mainly wanted to get pictures of him with all of his family.  We don't do that enough, and a kid only turns half a year once!

At six months old, Paxton is:

  • Rolling over both ways.  If we leave him on a blanket, we can almost always come back to find him about three feet away from the blanket.  Fortunately he thinks his toes are just as fun as most of his toys so he doesn't get bored.
  • Sitting up for short periods of time.  I still don't leave him alone while he's sitting because as soon as he stops concentrating on balancing and tries to play with a toy or look around, he topples over.
  • Babbling a lot, squealing and laughing when he's happy, and screaming for attention.  He will repeat ah-ah-ah noises but only if he starts the game, he won't do it on demand.  He also makes a fake coughing/laughing noise that he will repeat.  This one is his favorite noise right now. 
  • Starting to get a little nervous around other people.  He has cried twice when people have taken him from Jared...but for the most part he is still smiling and loving other people.
  • Responding to his name almost every time we say it.
  • Eating some baby vegetables.  So far we have tried peas and green beans.  He liked them both (after a short period of terrible faces with the peas).  He still loves rice cereal and oatmeal.  
  • Down to eating four times a day: 7 ounces at 9:30 when he wakes up, 6 ounces at 1:30 plus some oatmeal, 6 ounces at 5:30 and a vegetable, and a 7 ounce bottle with  rice cereal around 10:30.
  • Sleeping eleven hours a night.  Usually from about 10:30 until 9:30.  He likes to stay up late and play with us.  I think he would stay up later if we let him.
  • Loving his Jumperoo.  He could spend hours in there.  It's hard to take him out and put him on a blanket with toys...but I know he needs to develop those skills and I know too much Jumperoo isn't good for him.  Plus he loves rolling around.
  • Still loving bath time.  He has figured out that he can make some huge splashes with his feet and Jared and I usually end up drenched after a bath.
  • Wearing six month clothes in most brands, still in 3-6 month Old Navy clothes, and wearing 6 and 9 month pajamas.  He is wearing size 2 diapers.
  • Taking 2-3 naps a day (11-1:30, 3:00-5:30 and 8:00-10:30).  He will sometimes skip the last nap if someone is over playing with him, but if he does he wants to go to bed around 9:00.  Sometimes we have to wake him up from his last nap at 10:30 to eat.  I think he would sleep through the night if we didn't, but I dread the thought of a crying baby at 4 a.m. and I think he needs the seven ounces so we wake him up.
  • Loving my iPhone.  Every morning when I bring him in our room to feed him, he looks for it.  He gets the biggest smile when I give it to him and puts it immediately in his mouth.  He also wants the remote, but we don't let him have that because it's probably dirty.
  • Still teething, but no teeth yet.  He is chewing on everything and sometimes fusses while he is chewing.  Orajel fixes it.  

He is at a really fun age right now.  We have started to relax and trust ourselves and just enjoy every second with our sweet baby.  We know that things will probably get more difficult as he gets older, and are very thankful for what an easy and happy baby he has been.  


  1. So proud of you guys! You seem to be doing such a great job with him, and i'm glad you are having lots of fun! Can't wait to see all of you!!!

  2. He looks to be such a happy baby. You guys ROCK and are doing a great job.