Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthday Weekend

As soon as we wrapped up Paxton's six month birthday party, it was time to switch focus to my birthday weekend. Just kidding, I'm not that selfish...but we did have a really busy weekend.

Saturday night, Jared took me to Saii, a sushi restaurant in OKC that is one of the best.

Sunday for lunch, we met Jared's mom, his brother Josh, and Josh's girlfriend Candace at Flat Tire in Edmond. I think I pick this place every year because the burgers are so good. We even got to set outside because it was so nice. Paxton sat in a high chair and made his outside face:

Sunday night, we met my mom and sisters at Louie's for some tasty dinner.
Paxton got to sit in a high chair again, but also spent some time playing with Daddy's hat:

Yes, all my pictures are of Paxton....

Uncle Mason got Paxton a really neat hanging bouncer that was shaped like a car for his six month birthday. We ended up having to exchange it because the weight limit is 20 pounds and Paxton will probably hit that soon. Instead, we got Paxton some cars:

Since I grew up with sisters, I have very little experience with boy toys (well to be fair the two youngest did play with hot wheels). It was fun to look at all the car stuff and other boy toys, but it's hard to know which toys are going to be fun. Luckily, Jared was there to help and pointed out that this toy would probably be fun for a few years.

Overall, it was a pretty fun birthday weekend. I'm so thankful for everyone that made it special: my sweet husband who always makes the whole day special and gets the perfect present, my adorable son who was kind of grumpy but still sweet, my wonderful mom and sisters who always get me exactly what I ask for and way more than I deserve (and start texting me happy birthday messages at midnight), and my amazing in-laws who have done everything possible to make me feel like part of the family.

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