Friday, September 16, 2011

Sitting up!

I'm not sure when I can officially say that Paxton is sitting up...he definitely can right now, but I don't like to leave him unattended because he falls over kind of a lot. He can't really keep his balance when he reaches for maybe he isn't an official sitter yet. He sure does love sitting up though.

He has also very recently started getting his knees under him during tummy time...he's almost in the crawling position. I'm not too excited about this one because I know he's strong enough to crawl once he figures it out...every night I put him at the very bottom of his bed and every morning I go in to find him at the very top. I want him to develop properly and hit his milestones on time, but I'm not ready for crawling. I'm not ready to baby proof and keep the floor swept. But, I guess we're on Paxton's timeline now and not ours.

I would definitely freeze the stage we're at if I could. He's so fun right now! He laughs all the time and is constantly babbling. Jared had his car seat turned towards him at lunch today, at one point I turned it a little so that Paxton could see me and as soon as he turned and looked at me, he got the biggest smile on his face. Then every few seconds, he would turn back and look at me and grin. It's so sweet that he knows who we are and he likes us so much.

Jared and I were talking the other night about how crazy parenting is. Aside from some books I read during pregnancy and the What to Expect book, we have no idea what we're doing! It's so funny that we are just kind of muddling through this and it's working! We have a happy, healthy baby who is developing just like he should. Some days we skip tummy time, some days he sleeps for longer than "recommended" and some days he doesn't eat as much as the chart from the doctor says he should, but things are great! The biggest lesson I've learned so far is to just relax and let things happen. I feel like this should have been easier for me since I'm pretty laid-back about everything else...but one of my life goals has always been to be a good mom. But now I've got it down. I'm not in a race for Pax to hit his milestones before other babies we know or before I did as a baby. I'm not anxious about having him on a strict schedule (although he has kind of put himself on one...apparently he gets his desire for a routine from his daddy). All I'm worried about is making sure he's as happy and as healthy as possible.

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