Thursday, September 8, 2011


Paxton's new highchair from Grandpa Mark came yesterday, so when Jared came home, we put it together (which was amazingly easy) and put Paxton in!

We ended up deciding on the Contempo Rittenhouse highchair based on the reviews. I wanted something that would look cute in the house, but most importantly would be safe and easy to use.

Here it is with our table.

It is really easy to use and the tray is dishwasher safe. The seat reclines and has a 5-point harness which is amazing since Pax isn't great at sitting up yet.

Here he is trying it out.

He really liked it. He thought it was fun to throw things onto the floor...hopefully he grows out of that before he starts feeding himself...

After he ate, Daddy let him play with his bowl and spoon. This is what happened:

Then he knocked the bowl off and threw the spoon on the floor...then he was

He thought sucking on the tray might be fun.

After every bite, Paxton sucks his thumb...I'm not sure why he does this...maybe he thinks he can't be full without sucking? Maybe it helps him swallow? It makes a big mess....he gets the cereal all over his hand and rubs it all over his it slows down the eating process because we have to wait until he's done with his thumb to feed him the next bite.

But look how cute he is:

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