Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day Trip to Tulsa

On Friday, Jared had to go to Tulsa for work. Since Paxton did so well on the trip to the lake, we decided to join Jared. We left on Friday morning and were planning on eating lunch somewhere cool before Jared had to be at Tinker Federal Credit Union. Unfortunately, lunch time coincided with bottle time for Paxton so we ended up eating lunch at the food court at the Woodland Hills Mall.

After lunch, Jared left and Paxton and I walked around the mall. Baby Gap was having a pretty good sale so I got Paxton some fall clothes. Hopefully he's wearing nine month clothes when it starts getting cooler...cuz that's what he has.

We have started putting Paxton in just his stroller instead of leaving him in his car seat and attaching that to the stroller...mostly because he isn't a huge fan of his car seat. It has a five-point harness and the seat is really reclined so he isn't forced to sit up. He really liked it, he could see everything that was going on and there were lots of people to smile at:

When Jared was finished, we drove around downtown and Jared took some pictures of some of the old churches. Paxton made it through the whole trip without a nap...which is crazy. He usually takes a nap every two hours throughout the day but he usually will only sleep in his bed...he usually doesn't fall asleep in his car seat like he did when he was a newborn. He got a little fussy on the way home because he was so sleepy, but overall it was a fun little day trip.

We did an adorable photo shoot with Paxton last weekend. You can see some of the best shots on Jared's blog.

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  1. I am OBSESSED with this photo of Paxton! I just love that smile!!!