Monday, August 22, 2011


Paxton is five months old today!  Here are the pictures from his five month photo shoot:

He looks mad but was really just focused on the toy I was using to get his attention

Looks like his daddy in this one

Sitting up all by himself!

This month, Paxton has gotten even more fun and interactive.  He loves his toys and has really learned how to play with them.  He grabs the hanging toys on his vibrating seat and his frog play mat, he shakes rattles, he moves the little pieces on his bouncy seat.  He also likes to be talked to, tickled and tossed in the air by Daddy.  He thinks people singing to him are hilarious.  He has added the "G" sound to his babbling and says something that sounds like "hungry" every time I change his diaper.  I love his little voice and I'm excited for him to start saying little words.

He is getting really close to being able to sit up alone.  He can do it now for a few seconds, especially if he uses his hands as kind of a tripod.  He watches TV for a few minutes at a time (bad parenting I know...but it's so cute).  He's still eating rice cereal from a bottle and we'll probably stick with just that for this month and then start doing it from a bowl (along with a few other baby foods) around 6 months.  He also rolled over from back to front for the first (and second) time this past week.  I don't have pictures or a video because I wasn't expecting it!  There weren't really any new milestones this month in "What to Expect the First Year" did say that some babies may be able to pull up from a sitting position which blows my mind!  They're still so little at this age!  Paxton is still wearing 3-6 month clothes and 6 month clothes.  He wore his first pair of jeans this month...adorable!

He loves to be around people and isn't crazy about being alone.  Sometimes if I leave him playing in his room and go into another room for a minute, he starts shrieking...not crying...just kind of a loud squeal until I come back.  Then he busts out a huge smile and starts "talking" to me.  He has also started to get really excited when Jared comes home from work.  When Jared walks in the door, he has a huge smile and he flails his little arms and legs.

He recognizes his name now and will turn when one of us says "Paxton".  This is a pretty fun one.  I didn't realize that would happen so early.  I guess some babies start crawling in the next few months...I'm not quite ready for that one.  For now I'm enjoying knowing that he might roll off of a blanket on the floor but he's not really going anywhere.  It's nice to not have to worry about baby-proofing yet.

We are loving being parents to this little boy and watching as he makes new developments.  We can't believe how fast it's going (just like everyone told us it would). 

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  1. Wow! It's crazy how small he seems in comparison to the 1 month photo in the previous post. I can't believe he is already such a big boy!!!