Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Here's what we've been up to lately:

-I went to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon to try out the Webster technique. After feeling around, he said that he is about 90% sure that P2 is head down. We won't find out for sure until my ultrasound on Friday, but I am very hopeful that he was right and that P2 stays head down.

-We have hit the ground running getting ready for P2's arrival. His crib is assembled and ready, his tiny clothes and socks are clean and put away and now his bassinet is ready. Pax even put his firetruck night night in there to test it out.

-We also got the MamaRoo cleaned up and ready. Pax was never a huge fan of this, he preferred a real swing, but now that he's bigger it's his favorite toy. It only took him a few minutes to plop Scout into the swing and figure out how to work it. I turn this thing off about 23 times a day and every time I walk past it, Scout is back in there swinging.

-My sister threw a sprinkle for us this weekend and we were so excited that Granny Pat got to come! She's home from the hospital which makes us all happy! We got pretty much everything that we were needing, so aside from a few last minute purchases, we are just trying to get everything put away and ready!

-Next Thursday's forecast is officially on the 10-day now which means we are getting really close to meeting our little boy. It looks like a really pretty day!

-I have been soaking up every minute with this little boy. I know he's in for a big change that he doesn't understand or expect, so for his last few days as an only-child he's definitely getting spoiled.

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  1. You look amazing! Can't wait to read about your newest arrival soon!

  2. It's getting close!! This is so exciting! Love your baby bump- so cute!