Thursday, April 4, 2013


Jared and I are pretty big on holiday traditions and that is something we definitely want to keep going with our boys. We have always dyed eggs together the night before Easter (Easter Eve). We did it for both of Pax's first two Easters as well as this Easter.

He might have been a little more into it this year if we hadn't waited til a few minutes before bedtime to start...

We thought this might be the year we could do an egg hunt with wasn't.

This is the only picture of him and an egg. He picked up one egg, held it for a few seconds and then threw it at another egg and cracked them both.

After that, he only cared about watching the cars drive past so we thought we would be more successful in the back yard.

In the back, he was intent on getting into his pool...he wasn't happy when we wouldn't let him.

So we headed inside to show him his Easter basket.

He was really excited about this box of construction trucks. He wanted them opened immediately.

He even gave one of them a kiss.

We also cooked out at my mom's house with my sisters and Aunt Mal, but I took zero pictures. Paxton ate about four peanut butter cookies and tons of candy in his Easter basket over there.

We stopped by Granny V's on the way home too and Pax got an Easter basket from her too.

Jared ended the evening by installing P2's carseat in my car which caused us both to have a mild panic attack.

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