Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Finally Spring!

By this time last year, Pax had already gone through half a pack of swim diapers from playing in his baby pool and water table! This year, we have only filled up the water table twice and his pool was still in its box...until Easter weekend!

The Saturday before Easter was our first warm day this spring. It got up to 75, so I had big plans to set up the kiddie pool Pax got for his birthday from Aunt Teig and Aunt Mal. Jared was busy all morning helping his dad out on his land, and then Pax went down for his nap, so it was evening before we got the pool out. It turned out it needed an air pump to be blown up so we had to go buy one.

By the time we got it set up, the sun was setting and it was a little chilly for hose water, but Paxton was too excited to wait.

He had so much fun splashing around and going down the slide. He didn't even need pool toys. The weather hasn't really been warm enough to get back in, but every time Pax goes outside, he tries to hop in, clothes and all.

He got a sandbox for his birthday from Gramsy and we've been trying to get him to play in that...but our child who will splash through mud puddles and hop into his pool fully-clothed hates the sand. I guess we should have seen this coming since he is just now getting over his grass aversion (still if he falls in the grass he will just sit there for a minute before putting his hands in the grass to get up), but we weren't expecting it! After lots of coaxing, he will now dig in the sand with the shovel and stand in the sandbox with shoes on, but he will not touch the sand. If he accidentally comes in contact with it, he says "yuck yuck yuck" and brushes it off.

And this weekend when I was filling up his water table, he decided to hop right in. I thought it was hilarious since he had never tried that before. Now he's up there every chance he gets.

I have a feeling we're going to be outside a lot again this summer!

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  1. Super glad he loves his pool and his water table! I love seeing pics of him with them!